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What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Posted in Hype on Tuesday November 25 2008 @ 9:18pm

This just in from the West Coast, where they are all about hi-tech and psychobabble!

Chris Crawford of Justice Served and Serving Justice fame sent us a link to Typealyzer. Like Chris, court-o-rama's type (ESTJ) is not the type of the person who writes it. Odd (well, not really) but true. ESTJs "respect authority..." um, you be the judge, dear c-o-r readers.

How do they do it? Crawford guesses it's "some sort of Swedish trick."

See Type Casting, Chris Crawford, Serving Justice (November 24, 2008).

According to Typealyzer, Simple Justice is an INTP, Sexy Red-Headed Nuns is an ESFP, Sentencing Law & Policy is an INTP, and f/k/a caused Typealyzer to encounter an error. Seeing as how f/k/a is written by split personalities, perhaps the Typealyzer is onto something!

What does it all mean? That parlor games are back, but now (like just about everything else), they're online.

What kind of blogger are you? We may have better luck consulting the Chinese horoscopes on the placemats at China Kitchen. Or try Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?

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