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Where Did All the Felony Cases Go? Mediation!

Posted in Criminal on Sunday March 23 2008 @ 5:13pm

Last Friday, 18 out of 19 of one court's felony cases disappeared.

Senior judges trained in mediation techniques are mediating felony cases. Case types include burglary, drug trafficking, theft, assault, fleeing and evading law enforcement, and manufacturing meth. Both sides agree to participate; participation is voluntary.

Charges may be dismissed, guilty pleas may ensue. Defendants might pay restitution or participate in drug court. The judge in each case may accept or reject the agreement reached by the defendant and prosecutor. Any way you slice it, it means fewer cases in court and fewer defendants in jail.

The program exists in nine Kentucky counties. Program administrators hope to expand it into more populous areas in an effort to reduce jail overcrowding.

Yay for Carol Paisley of the Kentucky AOC for getting such great results (and good press) for this program.

See Judges Successfully Mediate Felony Cases, Jessica Noll, Kentucky Post (March 19, 2008). See also the Kentucky C ourt of Justice's Mediation Services information.

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